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ID: 1755

240.000 €

Beautiful country house totally habitable

The property is a beautiful residence situated on the outskirts of the urban centre of Teixeiro, about 5 minutes walk from the centre, which gives it a sense of isolation and tranquillity. It is strategically located 60 km from Santiago de Compostela, 45 km from A Coruña and 60 km from Lugo, which makes it a convenient place to access different important cities in the region.

Curtis - A Coruña

    ID: 1734

    45.000 €

    Nice house in Cospeito to be restored

    Nice house to restore in Cospeito with large finca. This house has been empty for a long time but between the situation and the finca it is very attractive. The walls are impeccable and the house would be very easy to empty for building work. The land has almost 7000 m2 of meadow, and the house is on a corner with two agricultural tracks, one on each side of the house.

    Cospeito - Lugo

    ID: 1698

    125.000 €

    Casa en o Corgo

    Property in O Corgo, in a small village. It is very well communicated, 20 min from Lugo, between the old NVI and the road to Fonsagrada, at equal distance from both points.

    O Corgo - Lugo

    ID: 1651

    35.500 €

    House in Outeiro de Rei

    Perfect house for restoration in Outeiro de Rei Outeiro de Rei is one of the most sought after areas near Lugo. This house is perfect to restore and add up to an increase of up to 50% in capacity. It has an area of 150m2 on a plot of 1024m2.

    Outeiro de Rei - Lugo

    ID: 1642

    95.000 €

    Stone house well restored close to Taboada

    This stone house is a real beauty, situated only 1 km from the Chantada reservoir where you can find carp, Black Bass, big trout etc. Situated only 6 km from Taboada, 12 km from Monterroso and 9 km from Portomarín.

    Taboada - Lugo

    ID: 1627

    98.000 €

    Hamlet with 5 houses to restore

    The village consists of 5 houses, four in a single row and a larger one separate. The village is within the same estate with three possible entrances to it. One by tarmac and the other two by track. It is made up of four houses next to each other and a fifth one in front.

    Valadouro - Lugo

    ID: 1620

    900.000 €

    Incredible villa with total privacy just five minutes from Santiago.

    Impressive villa of 1489m2, which despite being 10 minutes from the centre of Santiago, once inside you could think that you are in any rural Galician village given its privacy and silence.

    Santiago - A Coruña

    ID: 1603

    195.000 €

    House in Trabada

    Casa preciosa de piedra restaurada con muchos terrenos en Trabada La casa tiene dos plantas de 109m2 o sea 218m2.

    Trabada - Lugo

    ID: 1577

    225.000 €

    Group of houses with 42 acres of land basicaly forestry

    This group is part of a hamlet of 8 houses. The sale of this property consists of 4 stone buildings, around a corral which is accessed by 3 large gates. The property is 17 hectares in size. It has its own chapel with access from the road and from inside.

    Murias - Asturias

    ID: 1477

    960.000 €

    Huge villa in Puentedeume

    Built in 2002 with south west orientation it has everything one could wish for. It is located in a unique enclave, 750 m from the beach of La Magdalena, 200 m from the Ria de Ares and adjacent to the last European Atlantic forest, the natural park of Fragas del Eume. Its magnificent orientation means that the sun always shines on the house, allowing you to see the sunset all year round.

    Cabañas - A Coruña

    ID: 1448

    450.000 €

    Pazo (stately home) XVI century only 6 km from Lugo

    This magnificent Pazo is situated in the middle of forested 2.5 hectare walled estate. The estate has trees several hundred of years old and beautiful gardens. The surface area of the Pazo is 800 m2 and it has a separate stable of 150 m2.

    Ombreiro - Lugo

    ID: 1219

    88.000 €

    House to reform in medieval village in Asturias

    Argul, in the Principality of Asturias is a small medieval village in the Pesoz Council. A historical site declared a Cultural Asset in 2004. It is a very peculiar building constructed in red slate stone. It has a surface area of 490 m2. Besides the tunnel that crosses the construction from the bottom,

    Argul - Asturias