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The wealth of our land at your disposal. We do not put real estate within your reach but life plans, experiences that remake you, that allow you to be reborn in a new you, to find yourself. Properties with history rooted in their land. A new beginning. Here you will take your first step, the path where your adventure will begin. Dream and let yourself be guided.

A Coruña

A Coruña

Located in the northwest of Galicia, A Coruña stands out for the imposing maritime ecosystem of A Costa da Morte and its natural parks of Fraguas de Eume, Terras de Mandeo and Complexo Dunar de Corrubedo, which are natural spaces full of colour.

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Located in the northeast of Galicia, Lugo and its Roman wall are a World Heritage Site. An ancient and ancestral land of magical spaces such as Valadouro or Terra Chá, of chestnut trees, oak trees and beaches with magical caves as imposing and majestic as glorious cathedrals.

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Located in the southeast of Galicia, Ourense is a land of inland areas, lush nature and springs of enormous thermal wealth. Heart of Galicia, sacred beauty of natural parks and biosphere reserves. A gastronomic province producing tasty grapes and wines with designation of origin.

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Located in the southwest of Galicia. Galicia "quentiña", crowned on its coasts by estuaries, rafts, paradisiacal islands and beautiful beaches and in its interior by its majestic megalithic monuments. They converge in the land of fishermen where the horreos greet the sea.

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Galician cousin-sister, Asturias of rebellious nature, unconquerable, natural paradise. Inspiration for artists, ancestral land of culture and religion. Its wild and rugged terrain dawns with impressive natural viewpoints and the aroma of the sea breeze.

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Rest of Spain

Wonderful land of tradition and pride. Spain bathed in sun, sand and sea. A peninsula of rugged mountains, golden valleys and ancestral villages. Our Spain is synonymous with quality of life, good people, health, culture and heritage, work and enjoyment.

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Whether you are looking for a property on the Camino de Santiago, you want to live near the coast or you are looking for a unique business opportunity with which to develop professionally, in this section we have selected and categorized our properties to facilitate your search. Whether you are looking for an intense search or just want to "pass the time", select one of these small catalogues that we have lovingly prepared for you and let yourself be impressed by their treasures, who knows if your next destination will be inside them?

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Fotografia de la catedral de Mondonedo un dia despejado

Rural Houses in Mondoñedo

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Opportunity comes in many forms. It can be that little manor house you've been looking for in the corner you've been looking for, or it can be a restart in a wooden lodge in a dream setting. It's not about price, it's about finding what you dream of in a unique opportunity.

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We love the rustic, therefore in the Country Homes Group blog you will find interesting information about nature, customs, Galicia, Asturias and its people, decoration and restoration, and, of course, in general about trends in the rustic real estate market. Come in to learn with us.

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