Galicia painted in turquoise blue, with its crystal clear waters

Today we will talk about the wonderful Galician beaches. What better time than the beginning of summer to share information about the unique Galician environment to enjoy it. Galicia has the longest coastline of all the autonomous...


Our Collaboration with AEMS

I want to tell you how fishing became my great passion since childhood.From a very early age my father would take me on his bicycle to go fishing to a nearby river, we didn't have a car so the bicycle was our means of transportation, there he...


Desvelando Galicia

How do mysteries, secrets, originate? In itself it is something mysterious. However, it seems that the inhabitants of Galicia know it well. These are the clues revealed by THE TELEGRAPH newspaper in its digital edition, through the excellent...


And not only wine...

It is well known that Galician water is special. And that the Galicians know how to transform it into marvellous things. To eat and to drink. And it is not magic: it is knowing how to do each step of the process well and working hard. And of...

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