Our selection of properties in Pontevedra

Buying a property in Pontevedra is a good investment because of its mild and pleasant climate and beautiful geography. It is the hottest area of Galicia and is full of beautiful and picturesque coastal villages. Imagine the seafood you can enjoy in this beautiful part of Galicia.


Why choose Pontevedra?

Choosing Pontevedra as a destination to live will allow you to enjoy emblematic places such as the picturesque village of Combarro, famous for its hórreos (granaries) and cobbled streets. You can also explore the stunning beaches of Sanxenxo and the Arousa and Pontevedra estuaries, ideal for nautical activities and stunning scenery. The city of Vigo, with its port and the Maritime-Terrestrial National Park of the Atlantic Islands, offers a lively city life and a connection with nature. Pontevedra, the capital, stands out for its pedestrianised old town and the Basilica of Santa María la Mayor.

This Galician province combines traditional charm with modern comforts, providing a unique and enriching living experience.

Galicia "quentiña"

Pontevedra is considered the warmest climatic region of Galicia due to its location on the west coast, which allows it to be influenced by the Atlantic Ocean, moderating temperatures. This proximity to the sea softens the winters and mitigates the summers, offering a more temperate and pleasant climate compared to other inland areas of Galicia.

The term "A Galicia quentiña" reflects the feeling of warmth, both in terms of climate and the friendly and hospitable atmosphere that characterises the people of this region. It is an affectionate and poetic way of describing the pleasant experience that can be had in Pontevedra.