A Coruña

A Coruña

Located in the northwest of Galicia, A Coruña stands out for the imposing maritime ecosystem of A Costa da Morte and its natural parks of Fraguas de Eume, Terras de Mandeo and Complexo Dunar de Corrubedo, which are natural spaces full of colour.

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Located in the northeast of Galicia, Lugo and its Roman wall are a World Heritage Site. An ancient and ancestral land of magical spaces such as Valadouro or Terra Chá, of chestnut trees, oak trees and beaches with magical caves as imposing and majestic as glorious cathedrals.

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Located in the southeast of Galicia, Ourense is a land of inland areas, lush nature and springs of enormous thermal wealth. Heart of Galicia, sacred beauty of natural parks and biosphere reserves. A gastronomic province producing tasty grapes and wines with designation of origin.

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Located in the southwest of Galicia. Galicia "quentiña", crowned on its coasts by estuaries, rafts, paradisiacal islands and beautiful beaches and in its interior by its majestic megalithic monuments. They converge in the land of fishermen where the horreos greet the sea.

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Enjoy our catalog

Galicia is a beautiful and welcoming place, which offers many opportunities for those looking to live in a natural and culturally rich environment. Here you will find a selection of the most relevant and beautiful Galician properties, we are sure there is one for you. Each one of them has a deep-rooted history, a timeless past that demands to continue its legacy.

Welcome to the place where it all began

Here, in the beautiful region of Galicia, we were born as a small real estate project with a passion for rustic homes and a quiet lifestyle.

Since then, we have grown and evolved, but we never forgot our roots. With this section of our website we want to pay tribute to those early days, paying a small tribute to how it all began.

Galicia is a place full of life and natural beauty, with a rich history and tradition. It was here that we found the most charming and special rustic houses and where we began to offer our clients the opportunity to experience life in the countryside and change their way of life.

We thank everyone who is part of our journey and hope you enjoy this little piece of our history."


Why should you choose Galicia?

Investing in Galicia today is investing in a healthier future, quality of life, tranquility and well being.

Galicia is booming, the climate has changed in recent years to the point that Galicia, although still green and cool, no longer has the winters it once had, and the summers are now hot without being oppressive.

In Galicia it sometimes seems that time stands still: lying in a grassy field or in the shade of a huge chestnut tree, next to a trout river, watching the leaves fall, carried by the gentle current.

Galicia still maintains its Celtic roots and this is noticeable in its people, its customs, many of which come from a forgotten time... A time when man and nature breathed together, worked together and enjoyed a healthy life together. This in Galicia still survives the passage of time, there can still be a symbiosis between you and nature in Galicia, where in any meadow you can hide in its lush and fresh greenery.

Why not talk about its monuments, its cathedrals, its ports? Everybody knows about them, but how many people can enjoy Nature always around them?

We would like to show you some panoramic photos of Galicia: see photos.

If you want to know more about Galicia, its history, its people, its roots, we recommend you the official website of the Xunta de Galicia. Click here.

We believe that it is not necessary to emphasize. The question should be: Why shouldn't you choose Galicia?

All this translates into a lifestyle that is affordable to almost everyone, where there are no masses, where there is no traffic jams, where there is no superfluous violence, a low level of crime and, especially, two things: PEACE AND NATURE.

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