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At Country Homes Group we grow every year. Here you can see the information of the repercussion obtained with our portals and projects. If you are interested in obtaining more information write to us at [email protected]

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The people who come to us come from more than 150 countries. Different cultures and customs, but all of them have a common denominator: to find a natural way of life, to return to being, to return to life in capital letters, "slow way of life".

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Many of our neighbouring homeowners are unaware of the value that their property can provide to others and to the community. We invest a lot of effort and resources to reach out to all those who may be sensitive to this reality so that they understand the good that their contribution can do for others.

At Country Homes Group we are grateful to all the media that understand the social and cultural importance of the fight against the depopulation of our land and that lend their media as an essential showcase to spread our message.

Difundir y acercar al gente al rural de Galicia

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