A unique selection where you will find your dream

In our selection of rural houses you will find unique and charming properties, from old restored houses to modern constructions with breathtaking views. All of them represent an opportunity that you cannot miss. Opportunities that have been specially selected by our team and that are unique for their finishes, possibilities, location and, of course, price. They are even an opportunity to develop a new business. Country Homes Group is the leading company in the sale of rural properties, with a wide experience in the real estate market and a specialized team that will help you find the house of your dreams.

Strategic geographic location, characteristics of the land and its surroundings, availability of basic services, potential for long-term growth and profitability as well as an attractive price are the characteristics we look for to include a property in our catalogue of opportunities. Browse through it with the peace of mind that what you are looking at only brings advantages for you.


How we make our selection of Opportunities

The criteria we follow to identify rural properties that have opportunity potential are as follows:

  1. Strategic Location: Location is one of the most critical factors in selecting a rural property. A location close to key infrastructure, urban centers or tourist areas can increase the value and development potential of the property.
  2. Use potential: Such as agriculture, livestock, rural tourism, recreational activities or even ecological projects. Diversification can help mitigate risks and take advantage of different opportunities.
  3. Natural resources and environment: An attractive natural environment, water resources, stunning scenery or unique geographic features can increase the value of the property and its potential for tourism and recreation activities.
  4. Economic profitability: A thorough financial analysis should be conducted to determine the economic viability of the property. This includes evaluating the costs of acquisition, maintenance, taxes, and the potential income it could generate.
  5. Legal and regulatory issues: It is essential to ensure that the property complies with all regulations and legal requirements to avoid future problems.
  6. Long-term appreciation potential: Investment in rural properties should also consider their long-term appreciation potential, depending on factors such as population growth, regional economic development and infrastructure improvements.

In short, if you like what you see we guarantee that it is a good investment. In any case, consult with our team, we are always at your disposal to solve any doubts you may have.