An exclusive selection tailored to your needs

From country houses to fincas and villas, our selection of prestigious rustic properties are characterised by their elegant and functional design, stunning views, and quality details. These properties offer a unique experience of living in contact with nature, surrounded by mountains, forests, rivers and fields.

Our selected high value rustic properties are carefully selected on the basis of their location, architectural and historical value, quality of construction and finishings, investment potential and exclusivity.


How we make our selection of prestige properties

In the selection of our high value country properties, we take into account several important factors:

  1. Location: We ensure that our rustic properties are located in privileged areas, with unique views and in unique natural surroundings. We also ensure that they are well connected and accessible.
  2. Architectural and historical value: We pay special attention to the architectural and historical value of each property. We look for properties that have an interesting history, are unique in their heritage and have architectural details that set them apart from the rest.
  3. Quality of construction and finishes: We ensure that the selected rustic properties are of high quality construction and, if refurbished, have the best materials and finishes to ensure a comfortable and high quality living experience.
  4. Investment potential: We ensure that properties in Country Gold have a high investment potential, meaning that the value of the property will increase over time and that its use as a holiday rental or luxury residence will be profitable.
  5. Exclusivity: We focus on exclusive rustic properties that are differentiated from conventional properties by their uniqueness, quality and location. This ensures that a Country Gold branded property will always make a difference.

This selection process ensures that each property in our catalogue is unique and meets our high quality standards guaranteeing a secure value investment.