Our selection of properties in Lugo

The province of Lugo is an ideal place to live and enjoy everyday life. It is characterized by its green and mountainous landscape, its rich history and unique culture. If you like nature, history and culture, and you are looking for a place with a good quality of life and value for money, Lugo province is the option you should consider.


Why choose Lugo?

Lugo, with its world heritage wall, where the legend of the Sacred Forest tells that there are 12 wonderful points of Power. If you know them, you will see that you can feel the magic of the portals. What about its mysterious caves, places like the ancient Kingdom of Galicia Mondoñedo, or Valle del Oro, whose name says it all. The coast of Lugo is a place to discover, with the beach of the Cathedrals, a World Heritage Site. And with so many lesser known and equally powerful corners... 

A place of opportunities and well-being

Its privileged location allows it to be well connected with the rest of Galicia but also with the provinces of Asturias and Castilla-León. It also has a good network of services and a diversified economy that offers employment and business opportunities in various sectors. The province of Lugo is also a popular tourist destination thanks to its rich history, unique culture and green, mountainous landscape. It has numerous monuments and historical sites, as well as a wide range of outdoor activities, making it an attractive destination for national and international tourism.