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ID: 1862

190.000 €

House near O Picato

This Galician farmhouse, a jewel in stone, wood and slate, offers an interior courtyard with alpendre and horreo. The walls and roof are in excellent condition. The ground floor, with stables and wood-burning cooker, awaits restoration. On the first floor, five bedrooms and a bathroom. The ground floor has potential. On a large sloping plot, with easy access from the road, an old stone barn with oven completes the property, a blank canvas full of history and possibilities.

Guntín - Lugo

    ID: 1837

    425.000 €

    Beautiful house in Chantada

    Surrounded by majestic chestnut trees that create a distinctive entrance, this unique property offers both a charming home and business potential due to its proximity to other properties that attract pilgrims. A beautiful garden surrounds the house, where a century-old tree bears witness to generations of history. The main house combines modern comforts with traditional Galician charm, and the former stables house a guest flat. With the historic "Camino Real" as a backdrop and a stunning natural setting, this property is a true haven of opportunity.

    Viana - Lugo

    ID: 1793

    525.000 €

    Briona's Pazo

    El Pazo de Briona, un encantador hotel con historia, rodeado de un muro de piedra, a orillas de un arroyo y cerca del Camino de Santiago. Con posibilidades de expansión, este tesoro arquitectónico cuenta con 700 m2 de historia gallega que te transportarán en el tiempo. Perfecto para turismo rural o residencia.

    Brioña - A Coruña

    ID: 1784

    185.000 €

    Spacious house in natural surroundings

    This historic home, formerly a Xunta orphanage, is situated in a peaceful setting near Abadín and Villalba. The rectangular stone house features a peculiar L-shaped alpendre with wood-burning oven and Galician lareira. It offers a kitchen, living-dining room, four bedrooms upstairs and an additional space under the roof. A charming garden with well completes this property full of history and charm.

    Abadin - Lugo

      ID: 1776

      325.000 €

      Marvelous villa in Barreiros with many bedrooms

      It is located in a square, flat, walled and very comfortable property of about 3.000 m2. You can see the sea from the property and it is very close to the Cathedrals. Very well orientated. Very versatile for use as a home, as a business or to share. It is in Barreiros, in a place called A Devesa, about 1km from the Cathedrals: World Heritage beaches

      A Rochela - Lugo

      ID: 1774

      225.000 €

      House in Turbelas with a lot of land

      This house is very nice and has almost everything one could want. On the ground floor there is a large kitchen with wood burning cooker, a bathroom with shower and two dining rooms, one of them has a glazed area, making it a very cosy place to eat in the summer.

      Turbelas - Lugo

      ID: 1768

      850.000 €

      Pazo of Cervillón

      Explore the majestic Pazo de Cervellón in Ribeira Sacra. With a history dating back to the 16th century, this manorial residence stands out for its defensive architecture, heraldic shields, and panoramic views. Surrounded by a garden featuring unique elements such as a "hórreo" and chapel, the property spanning 26,943 m² offers a bright interior with spacious rooms and period fireplaces. A historical treasure within a stunning natural setting.

      Cervillon - Pontevedra

        ID: 1761

        40.000 €

        Nice small town house in a village near Becerrea

        Nice small stone house in a nearly abandoned village near Becerrea. This small stone house in the village of Valcova is a unique and charming property. It is located on a small hill from where you can enjoy spectacular views over the whole village. The house is the first one you come across when you arrive in the village and is situated in a privileged location.

        Valcoba - Lugo

          ID: 1758

          199.000 €

          Beautiful large house to restore in Damil with complete privacy

          This lovely and very big house in Damil is an uncut diamond, it is situates all alone with no other houses in front nor in view anywhere. The house has a good roof and most of the floors are good. Itt has been gutted and some insude work has been done. It has two marvelous large plots of land one of which with 8558m2 (over 2 acres) is almost all in oak forestry

          Damil - Lugo

          ID: 1756

          520.000 €

          Property with several buildings completely restored

          Property in a village, 25 km from Santiago de Compostela and just 15 minutes from the airport. It has a plot of land of 12.000 sqm. Inside the property we have the main house, a shed, a hen house and a huge granary. The main house is U-shaped and inside this U we have the main house, a second small house, a large open barn and another closed one.

          Goritas - A Coruña

          ID: 1755

          240.000 €

          Beautiful country house totally habitable

          The property is a beautiful residence situated on the outskirts of the urban centre of Teixeiro, about 5 minutes walk from the centre, which gives it a sense of isolation and tranquillity. It is strategically located 60 km from Santiago de Compostela, 45 km from A Coruña and 60 km from Lugo, which makes it a convenient place to access different important cities in the region.

          Curtis - A Coruña

            ID: 1738

            305.000 €

            Luxury three star hostal or family home only 1 km before Melide.

            The property in question is a charming rural tourism house located in the village of Furelos, just 1 km from Melide and in the middle of the Camino de Santiago. The house is located in a very picturesque village, surrounded by nature and with the river Furelos as its main attraction. Both its church and the four-arched stone bridge are a spectacular sight for guests arriving in the village.

            Melide - A Coruña