Are you interested in selling your rural house?

If you are here it is because you have seen our website and you know that your beautiful property has a space in our catalogue. First of all, we would like to thank you for deciding to take this first step. This form is designed to speed up the documentation process that is sometimes so cumbersome. It is not necessary that you provide us with all the information now, only the essential ones to get to know us. Once we receive the information we will contact you to study your case together. We will guide you through the whole process. Remember that you can always call us or send us an email to [email protected]. We are waiting for you.

Selling rural house for the best price

Your letter of introduction. We will contact you as soon as we make an initial valuation of your property.


Where is your property, what type of property is it, is the first thing we need to know about your property.


Send us an honest description. It is important that you indicate us not only its virtues but also its flaws, those dampnesses of the kitchen or flaking that are remarkable must be in the description. If you have a desired price, let us know, it is clear that one thing is the desire and another the market, for that we will guide you. In order to be able to help you we need to know your wishes and expectations.

In order to be able to approximate a first valuation we need you to provide us with photographs of both the interior and exterior of the property. If possible, it would speed up the process if you could attach the deeds or the declaration of heirs, as well as any other documents you consider relevant.

* Maximum 10MB.
* Maximum 2MB per file.
* Accepted files: JPG y PDF.

Tips and recommendations for selling your property

We are a real estate agency that lovingly represents each of the properties we have in our portfolio.

We start from making a good publication of the property with photos that show it as it deserves and with a description with emotion.

We manage communication with all potential stakeholders, either by email, telephone or in person.

We conduct property viewings with our buyer clients, representing with honour the properties they visit.

We advise our clients, both sellers and buyers, in order to guide them towards the completion of the purchase and sale transaction. That is why we always thoroughly analyse the property documentation with our legal department, in order to guarantee the transaction for both parties.

We accompany our clients until the signing before the notary, so that they can always consult us about any doubts they may have and are represented by us until the end of the process.

We focus on rustic, unique and charming properties. Our greatest strength is country properties. They can range from ruins, a village or group of houses, houses for renovation, habitable houses, pazos, luxury villas, etc.

We like to focus on what we are good at. That is why we must study each property individually before promoting it with us.

First of all, you must provide us with some basic information about the property. At the very least, we need the cadastral references of what you want to sell and some photographs of the interior and exterior of the property (these can be taken with a mobile phone). In this way we will make the first analysis and filter of the property, in order to determine and identify if your property fits the market we are targeting.

We know very well the profile of our clients, that's why not all properties are suitable for us and we have to make an exhaustive selection.

To continue with the price valuation, we need a good photographic report made by a professional. In case you do not have one, we collaborate with photographers specialised in real estate photography. They make it possible to get a great photo report at reasonable prices. They take photos of the interior and exterior of the property which are handed over to you after completion and they also take photos with a drone.

With this complete photographic material of the property, it allows us to see it fully and thus be able to make the correct price valuation. As soon as we determine the recommended value we discuss it with you and if we reach an agreement, we sign a contract and start promoting your property.

We do not make official valuations, what we do is a market valuation. We understand that the right thing to do when putting your property up for sale is to establish a price that is consistent with the current market situation. It is important not to overvalue properties as this would limit the sale of the property from the outset.

All the properties we represent have a wide viewing reach in different countries. We promote them on our website and on various platforms that we have contracted to have a greater international reach.

We also devote a great deal of resources to advertising and promotion.

We are present at various real estate fairs to make ourselves known, close major business deals and meet potential investors.

All this allows us to reach thousands of people interested in properties like yours, making it possible to sell the property.

Today, 80% of our customers are foreign. Therefore, we know that we have a large international reach.

Yes, we like to be committed to the properties we represent and we like the properties to be committed to us. In this way, both parties have the certainty that we will represent the property in the best possible way, always seeking to successfully close the sale and purchase transaction.

We work on an exclusive basis for one year, which can be extended. We need a reasonable amount of time to be able to promote the properties and find a potential buyer. We understand that this is a reasonable period in which we can close the sale of the property, although we cannot guarantee it as this depends on many factors, also beyond our control.

Our fees are payable on completion of the sale and purchase transaction.

If an earnest money contract has been previously signed, we charge a percentage of the fee at this point and the remainder on completion of the sale. The determination of which commission/fees correspond to which property, we study individually, as not all the properties we represent are the same.

We work on a 5% commission plus VAT on properties with a value of more than €150,000. If the value is less, we apply a fee schedule. Once we have an estimate of the value of your property, we will be able to confirm the commission you will pay for our fees.

At Grupo Country Homes we represent our clients, so we can represent you in the sale of your property without having to be physically present in Spain. All we need is a power of attorney granting us the power to represent you in this process.

At the time of the sale, the buyer is obliged to make a withholding of 3% of the sale price as a payment on account of the final settlement of the corresponding tax: non-resident income tax (IRNR). The buyer will have a period of one month from the date of sale to fill in form 211 and pay this amount to the tax authorities. He/she must give you a copy of form Model 211.

Once this month has elapsed, you will have three months to file Form 210 for the amount resulting from applying 19% to the capital gain minus 3% of the withholding previously made. The resulting balance will be paid or refunded.

The sale of a property is taxed as a capital gain in the tax return.

The difference between the sale price and the purchase price is a capital gain or loss for the taxpayer.

Deductible expenses:

  • · Real estate expenses.
  • · Mortgage cancellation costs.
  • · Payment of municipal capital gains tax.

In general, all expenses associated with the sale are eligible for a deduction.

You are not obliged to pay personal income tax if you sell a house to buy another. This is known as an exemption for reinvestment in your main residence, although there are several requirements that must be met for it to apply:

You must declare your willingness to take advantage of this exemption, as its application does not work automatically. Both (the house sold and the house bought or renovated) must be a habitual residence. You must comply with the deadlines and conditions established by law. Remember that the habitual residence is considered to be "the building in which the taxpayer resides for a continuous period of at least 3 years"..

As for the deadlines established by law, the tax authorities impose that reinvestment in housing must be made within a maximum of 2 years from the date of sale.