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ID: 1577

225.000 €

Group of houses with 42 acres of land basicaly forestry

This group is part of a hamlet of 8 houses. The sale of this property consists of 4 stone buildings, around a corral which is accessed by 3 large gates. The property is 17 hectares in size. It has its own chapel with access from the road and from inside.

Murias - Asturias

ID: 1219

88.000 €

House to reform in medieval village in Asturias

Argul, in the Principality of Asturias is a small medieval village in the Pesoz Council. A historical site declared a Cultural Asset in 2004. It is a very peculiar building constructed in red slate stone. It has a surface area of 490 m2. Besides the tunnel that crosses the construction from the bottom,

Argul - Asturias

    ID: 1615

    330.000 €

    Wonderful restored house in an Asturian village

    Wonderful restored house in a small Asturian hamlet with 7 houses. This house has been pampered and almost treated as a museum of the lifestyle of the ancestors. It has all the characteristics of the great traditional Asturian houses with all the comforts of today.

    Revoquiera - Asturias