Properties in Mondoñedo, the ancient capital of Galicia

Charming cottages and unique buildings in a historic and picturesque setting. Mondoñedo stands out for its traditional Galician architecture and proximity to beautiful natural landscapes. In addition, its quiet and cozy atmosphere attracts those seeking a relaxed lifestyle in a charming rural setting.


Mondoñedo has a lot to offer to investors and those who are looking for a change in their way of life. People who honor the historical legacy left by their ancestors and who are worthy heirs of their living history. Those who seek a natural way of life, a return to being, a return to life with capital letters. 

You have at your disposal a cultural heritage with emblematic buildings with great charm and value that you can inherit at affordable prices, also counting on the remarkable public incentives that local administrations offer. And all this with the constant support and help of the professional team of Grupo Country Homes.

Why invest in Mondoñedo?

  • Wide range of properties. Urban and rural properties of great value and possibilities.
  • Industrial facilities. Industrial park with 70.000m2 of surface and perfectly equipped.
  • Public incentives. The "Mondoñedo Resurge" project has lines of aid for both purchase and rehabilitation.
  • Professional team at your disposal. Country Homes Group has professionals ready to help and advise you at all times.