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ID: 1530

70.000 €

Interesting economical house in good condition

This property is very interesting as apart from having 1.2 hectares of land most of it is in pasture (almost one hectare). It also has almost 3000 m2 of eucalyptus trees which will soon be ready to cut and sell.

A Panda - A Coruña

    ID: 1554

    475.000 €

    Beautiful masonry villa in Pontevedra with orchards

    Beautiful masonry villa in Meis Pontevedra with vineyards. A LUXURY AND CHARMING HOUSE. Practically new, built 10 years ago but only used for holidays. In the most exclusive area of the Rias Bajas. A few kms from the Meis golf course and next to the best beaches in Galicia.

    Mies - Pontevedra

      ID: 1533

      220.000 €

      Large house in Castro de Rei, with another one to be restored

      This house is located on a beautiful fenced estate with an area of 5220m2, along with a 68m2 garage and another house to be restored. Toda la finca esta vallada.

      Castro de Rei - Lugo

        ID: 1508

        580.000 €

        Incredible luxurious house with a large estate

        Incredible restored house with all possible luxuries. The property is a plot of about 2,600m2 in the heart of La Ribeira Sacra, in the municipality of Sober.

        Sober - Lugo

          ID: 1551

          180.000 €

          Rural tourism house in Los Ancares

          With magnificent mountain views, this property has a total area of 1500m2, out of which 300m2 belong to the house.

          Robledo - Lugo

            ID: 1555

            70.000 €

            House located 1km from Cobas Beach in Viveiro

            This house used to be a local bar. Currently, it has been uninhabited for 17 years and is in need of renovation. It has a total area of 200 square meters. It is only one kilometre from the beach at Viveiro.

            Viveiro - Lugo

            ID: 1559

            500.000 €

            Beautiful pazo in Ribeira Sacra

            "Pazo" located in Ribeira Sacra, in Pantón. It is a magical place with views of the valley, allowing you to see both the Galician and Asturian territories. Additionally, it is an architectural gem built before the discovery of America, around the year 1490. Since then, it has always been in the hands of the same family.

            Panton - Lugo

            ID: 1587

            120.000 €

            Vineyard near Monforte in full production

            This beautiful vineyard is located on a 16,630m2 estate, with almost the entire area planted with vines aged between 20 to 30 years. All the vines are supported by trellises and have automatic irrigation. The grapes they produce are of the Mencía variety. At its peak, this vineyard used to yield up to 12,000 kg of grapes per year.

            Monforte - Lugo

            ID: 1592

            169.000 €

            Incredible group of buildings and estates

            Group of buildings with several barns etc. with plot of 10,500 square metres with a stone wall enclosure on which two houses are located.

            Nodar - Lugo

              ID: 1604

              395.000 €

              Wonderful rural house located 7km from Lugo

              Wonderful rural house located 7 km from Lugo, restored in the year 2002. Its construction follows the typical Galician style with stone walls, and it includes a 200m2 annex connected internally to the main dwelling.

              Bocamaos - Lugo

              ID: 1608

              64.000 €

              House in the village of oldtime blacksmiths

              Beautiful house in a village formerly dedicated to ironworks. This hamlet is located between Riotorto and Mera. This village used to be a village of blacksmiths producing iron. As a curiosity, nowadays almost all the houses still have forges.

              Ferreiravella - Lugo

                ID: 1641

                395.000 €

                Luxury villa in O Valadouro

                Luxury villa only 3.5 km from Valadouro. This villa has everything one could ask for: swimming pool, barbecue, picnic area and a beautifully finished chestnut interior. It is only 9 km away from the beautiful beaches of Foz de Valadouro.

                Valadouro - Lugo