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ID: 851

445.000 €

Wonderful manor house in A Estrada

Manor House built in 1751, The computable surface of the house is 545,64 m2, on a plot of 1.000 m2.

A Estrada - Pontevedra

ID: 1030

475.000 €

15th century manor house in Irixoa

This 15th century Pazo is in a privileged location in Irixoa, near Betanzos. The property is semi restored and has many possibilities. There are almost 900 m2 of buildings of which a large part has been restored to the highest standard.

Irixoa - A Coruña

ID: 1140

1.490.000 €

Covas21, a large natural complex in Ribeira Sacra

This property is a beautiful natural complex located in the highlands of Ribeira Sacra in Galicia. In this marvelous corner of Lugo, a multitude of activities coexist in an organized manner.

Taboada - Lugo

    ID: 1190

    445.000 €

    Molino de Vilasantar, stone watermill with 3.7hectares of land

    A stone watermill to grind wheat. And generate electricity. With a sawmill and a wood clog factory. In Vilasantar, A Coruña, in 1894, the construction of what today could be a real piece of industrial archaeology began.

    Cesuras - A Coruña

    ID: 1180

    750.000 €

    Incredible rural house in Arbo close to Portugal

    It is an ongoing business that is operational. It has a capacity for 15/25 guests. Facilities are in perfect condition: a pool with lawns, a cellar, an industrial kitchen, an auxiliary dining area in the garden... There is a private residence for the owners or for clients. It also features a small vegetable garden, fruit trees, and even a forest. No rehabilitation is needed, and it is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Pontevedra, just over 30 minutes away from the best beaches and right on the border with Portugal: the Miño River.

    Arbo - Pontevedra

    ID: 1224

    837.000 €

    Azumara, large house and mill

    It is difficult to find properties for sale in Galicia like this one: 170.000 m2 approximately, in one single property. It is known as the Casa Señorial de Portas: 370 m2, including stables and barn on the ground floor. Some two hundred years later, the family decided to build a new house within the property. This Casa Nova is even larger: 560 m2 of surface area, on two floors. Its structure is still solid, but it needs some renovations that have already begun. A flour watermill on the Azúmara River that keeps all the machinery intact, clean and tidy. Its 80 m2 surface area contains such attractive details as the glass windows on the floor. The magnificent house attached to the mill, built in the same style as this one: 140 m2 of surface area, in perfect condition, form an excellent home. Together, all the buildings have a total surface area of 1,150 m2. Everything fits here. Even the biggest dream. Any tourist business can be accommodated here, from a charming hotel to a hostel for sp

    Azumara - Lugo

    ID: 1628

    1.700.000 €

    Hotel Vila do Val Valadouro

    The condition of this charming hotel is amazing, the location is dreamlike and the large terraces are continuously working. The hotel has been impeccably maintained and the reviews have been very good. It is also in a strategic location.

    Valadouro - Lugo

    ID: 1353

    700.000 €

    Wonderful luxury hotel only 5 km from Ribadeo and the sea

    This hotel has an interesting past. At the end of the 19th century a young Galician boy, 14 years old, left Galicia to try his luck in Cuba as did many Galicians seeking to make their fortune. He did so and when he was older he returned to his village, bought a large plot of land and built a large house like many Indianos of the time. He invested a large part of his fortune and all his illusion.

    Ribadeo - Lugo

    ID: 1616

    825.000 €

    Impressive house in Foz with views of the Cantabrian Sea

    With the mountain at the back, to the southwest, which is the main entrance. When you open the two doors, facing each other, if you stay in the corridor, just let yourself feel, mountain and sea at the same time. Every corner is perfectly studied, every location, every detail has been strategically placed with a why and a what for. The main house has three floors, which in total make up 427 m2, of which 368 are usable. In the basement there is a garage, an office and a boiler room. Throughout the garage there is custom-made furniture, laundry and ironing area and the room for the 1000l diesel tank and a storeroom. On the first floor, you have two main doors, facing each other, magical when you open them because of the power described. On the first floor you enter a glass hall at the entrance (for the shelter of the inhabitants or their pets), once inside it is distributed in a kitchen with dining room, spacious, open plan. A courtesy toilet, a pantry, and a spacious living room with

    Foz - Lugo

    ID: 1375

    1.100.000 €

    13th-century Pazo with 22 hectares of estate featuring vineyards

    This Pazo, like all Galician pazos, bears the noble coat of arms of the family that managed it, and its entire history is documented in the archives of the city of Lugo. It is completely surrounded by a high stone wall that provides it with total privacy.

    Panton - Lugo

    ID: 1465

    680.000 €

    Lovely pazo located 25km from the center of Pontevedra

    Beautiful pazo in Gaxate, Pontevedra, located 25km from the center of Pontevedra. It is situated on top of a hill north of Gaxate, just 350 meters from the village. The property is in very good condition and still retains its charming heritage from past generations.

    Gaxate - Pontevedra

    ID: 1429

    699.900 €

    Sensational stone chalet with views over Ourense

    Sensational luxury stone chalet on the hills with views over Ourense. Every possible luxury has been considered, from the heated indoor pool to the American billiards room. It has been beautifully designed, and the construction matches the level of its design. The property covers approximately 900 m2 on a landscaped plot of 5400 m2. There is no part of the property from which the views are not sensational.

    Ourense - Ourense