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ID: 1362

95.000 €

House with outbuildings at Gondaisque

Discover a typical house with history at Grupo Country Homes. Local slate roof and shared spaces with animals, reflecting the farming life of its owners. Unique windows and doors adorn the facade, while the interior houses bedrooms, dining rooms and bathrooms. The corrals and walled vegetable garden add to the rural charm of this property.

Gondaisque - Lugo

ID: 1396

99.000 €

House with porches in Láncara, Lugo

Beautiful stone house furnished with a large estate in Láncara. It has a plot of 7,200m2 with numerous fruit trees. There is a row of native trees behind it that protect it from the northern wind. The house is in very good condition.

Lancara - Lugo

ID: 1621

195.000 €

Casa Grande de Congostro built in 1460

Casa Grande de Congostro, Aranga built in 1460 and in very good condition. This wonderful old house has been partially restored by its owners: It has a new roof and all the floor of what was the ground floor: stables etc. has been replaced with concrete.

Irixoa - A Coruña

ID: 1377

290.000 €

Enormous villa in a marvelous condition close to El Bierzo

Enormous chalet in a marvelous condition close to El Bierzo (Leon).The house is built in an elongated cross shape and has a footprint of 285m2 on three floors which add up to 855m2 in total.

Carrucedo - León

ID: 1406

345.000 €

Magnificent stone house from the 19th century 8km from Lugo

Absolutely immaculate totally private mansion in the forest This house is in a wooded area bordering the river Miño, 7km from the centre of Lugo.It is totally alone at the end of a track with no other neighbours.

Lugo - Lugo

ID: 1687

80.000 €

Beautiful house on the Jacobean Route

This charming house in the Galician countryside is located halfway between Villalba and Baamonde, just 7 km from both towns. The house is on two floors, with a cosy and rustic feel in its design and construction.

Rebordaos - Lugo

ID: 1420

260.000 €

Farmhouse with old sawmill and 10 acres

Situated in the Concello of Ourol this house is totally alone with no other neighbours. It is on a plot of 4 hectares surrounded by trees and the upper part of the river Sor. The sawmill and the mill are bordering the lower part of the farm next to the river Sor. Both were fed from a small dam upstream.

Ourol - Lugo

ID: 1464

910.000 €

Casa el Souto in area Santander beautiful mansion

It would be really perfect with its 643 m2 built for a small hotel of rural tourism. It has a wonderful estate of 15.962 m2 behind the house which extends as far as the convent on the other side of the road.

Torazo - Cantabria

ID: 1465

680.000 €

Lovely pazo located 25km from the center of Pontevedra

Beautiful pazo in Gaxate, Pontevedra, located 25km from the center of Pontevedra. It is situated on top of a hill north of Gaxate, just 350 meters from the village. The property is in very good condition and still retains its charming heritage from past generations.

Gaxate - Pontevedra

ID: 1486

298.000 €

House with a large estate near the Eume River

Rebuilt in a traditional manner 24 years ago on the ruins of the old family farmhouse. It is a high-quality house of 400 square meters, with thick stone outer walls under a tiled roof. The entrance to the property is through a tiled arch over closed iron gates. Beyond the parking area, passing by the old chapel, you will find the covered porch with impressive double wooden doors.

Campoverde - A Coruña

ID: 1555

70.000 €

House located 1km from Cobas Beach in Viveiro

This house used to be a local bar. Currently, it has been uninhabited for 17 years and is in need of renovation. It has a total area of 200 square meters. It is only one kilometre from the beach at Viveiro.

Viveiro - Lugo

ID: 1587

120.000 €

Vineyard near Monforte in full production

This beautiful vineyard is located on a 16,630m2 estate, with almost the entire area planted with vines aged between 20 to 30 years. All the vines are supported by trellises and have automatic irrigation. The grapes they produce are of the Mencía variety. At its peak, this vineyard used to yield up to 12,000 kg of grapes per year.

Monforte - Lugo