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ID: 1196

370.000 €

Beautiful restored house close to the coast in Xove

This beautiful stone house is close to Xove. Xove is located next to the Cantabrian coast of Lugo, known as A Mariña Lucense. In a privileged location within the region, Xove is only 10 km from Viveiro and its estuary, and to the north, only 5 km from the delicious Portocelo or Esteiro beaches, with their fine sand.

Xove - Lugo

ID: 1212

300.000 €

Historic building in Ferreira de Pantón

This property is part of the Ferreira de Panton Town Hall building, Lugo, in the centre of the town. In fact, its main façade was originally what today is the façade of the Town Hall or Concello. It is an impressive two-storey stone manor house. It has an area of approximately 650 m2. At the back of the house there is a large plot of land of 5,000 m2. It has a large orchard, and a magnificent vineyard. It is not by chance that we are in the Ribeira Sacra, famous for its excellent wines. But also fruit trees and several buildings. And topoin out, an old shed converted into a magnificent stone building of 200 m2. It could be transformed into an excellent restaurant.

Panton - Lugo

    ID: 1224

    837.000 €

    Azumara, large house and mill

    It is difficult to find properties for sale in Galicia like this one: 170.000 m2 approximately, in one single property. It is known as the Casa Señorial de Portas: 370 m2, including stables and barn on the ground floor. Some two hundred years later, the family decided to build a new house within the property. This Casa Nova is even larger: 560 m2 of surface area, on two floors. Its structure is still solid, but it needs some renovations that have already begun. A flour watermill on the Azúmara River that keeps all the machinery intact, clean and tidy. Its 80 m2 surface area contains such attractive details as the glass windows on the floor. The magnificent house attached to the mill, built in the same style as this one: 140 m2 of surface area, in perfect condition, form an excellent home. Together, all the buildings have a total surface area of 1,150 m2. Everything fits here. Even the biggest dream. Any tourist business can be accommodated here, from a charming hotel to a hostel for sp

    Azumara - Lugo

    ID: 1245

    140.000 €

    Nice farm in Pol

    This beautiful house is located in a parish in the municipality of Pol, in Lugo. It is made up of two stone houses, one of them in perfect condition and the other one in need of renovation. The two houses are joined together. The main house has a total area of 177 m2 and two floors. This beautiful house is in a large plot of land of 17.710 m2, with access for the cars at the back of the house. It has two large barns, one of them of 96 m2. And a large stable with a surface of 208 m2, in perfect state of conservation. The house is sold furnished.

    Pol - Lugo

      ID: 1270

      230.000 €

      Two houses joined in Roupar, ideal for small business

      This house is in the area of Roupar, Lugo. Roupar is situated in the north-western end of the region A terra cha (The flat land). There are two houses united in the same house. In the centre of the village of Roupar. The building, with two floors plus attic, has a surface area of approximately 200 m2 per floor. If we add the three levels together, we get a usable space of approximately 550 m2. The dwellings, with small changes, could easily be transformed into a tourist business, such as a B&B or similar. They are on the same plot of land of more than 4,000 m2. There is a large shed with space for six cars, of about 130 m2. There is also a granary. And another shed, of about 25 m2, used as a workshop and wine cellar. All the buildings are in a very good state of conservation and could be moved into at any time. The property is sold furnished except for personal belongings, including the piano which appears in the photographs.

      Roupar - Lugo

        ID: 1271

        59.900 €

        Rustic house to be restored on the Primitive Way

        The oldest Pilgrim's Way to Santiago is today a route of great beauty and demanding itinerary. The Primitive Way follows in the footsteps of the first pilgrim. At the confluence of the two variants of this route, one to Fonsagrada and the other to Puebla de Burón, is this property full of possibilities: a real opportunity.

        Fonsagrada - Lugo

        ID: 1320

        60.000 €

        Small abandoned village in Riotorto

        This village consist of several houses and a water mill, The houses need a deep restauration but the walls are structurally sound. The property has more than 1.5 Hectares of land mostly pasture (almost 3 acres). It is only 400 metres from the centre of Riotorto.

        Riotorto - Lugo

          ID: 1331

          110.000 €

          Beautiful stone house in a spectacular village

          Beautiful stone house located in a spectacular village, where we will have as neighbours a majestic Pazo (stately home)and several large houses like the one we have for sale, which form a fairytale village. The construction of the house is all in stone, wood and tiles and its structure is perfectly preserved, both the walls and the roof.

          Antas de Ulla - Lugo

          ID: 1291

          93.000 €

          Ideal house to finish reform in Mondoñedo

          The property is located in the centre of Mondoñedo. The house preserves its original medieval architecture. The house has 2 floors, and has an area of approximately 140 m² on each floor. In addition, it has an outbuilding with an extension of 60 m². The front of the house is 12 m long. The property is made of local stone and is currently semi restored. The roof is made of slate and the beams, made of laminated fir, are already in place. The interior of the house is completely empty, and at the back of the house there is a gallery. There are windows throughout the house.

          Mondoñedo - Lugo

          ID: 1628

          1.700.000 €

          Hotel Vila do Val Valadouro

          The condition of this charming hotel is amazing, the location is dreamlike and the large terraces are continuously working. The hotel has been impeccably maintained and the reviews have been very good. It is also in a strategic location.

          Valadouro - Lugo

          ID: 1353

          700.000 €

          Wonderful luxury hotel only 5 km from Ribadeo and the sea

          This hotel has an interesting past. At the end of the 19th century a young Galician boy, 14 years old, left Galicia to try his luck in Cuba as did many Galicians seeking to make their fortune. He did so and when he was older he returned to his village, bought a large plot of land and built a large house like many Indianos of the time. He invested a large part of his fortune and all his illusion.

          Ribadeo - Lugo

          ID: 1362

          95.000 €

          House with outbuildings at Gondaisque

          Discover a typical house with history at Grupo Country Homes. Local slate roof and shared spaces with animals, reflecting the farming life of its owners. Unique windows and doors adorn the facade, while the interior houses bedrooms, dining rooms and bathrooms. The corrals and walled vegetable garden add to the rural charm of this property.

          Gondaisque - Lugo