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ID: 1353

700.000 €

Wonderful luxury hotel only 5 km from Ribadeo and the sea

It is a very good going concern that can show its results whenever asked. This hotel has an interesting past. At the end of the 19th century a young Galician boy, 14 years old, left Galicia to try his luck in Cuba as did many Galicians seeking to make their fortune. He did so and when he was older he returned to his village, bought a large plot of land and built a large house like many Indianos of the time. He invested a large part of his fortune and all his illusion.

Vilela - Lugo

ID: 1355

280.000 €

Magnificent high-mountain hotel in Os Ancares

Campa da Braña is located in the heart of the DOS ANCARES nature reserve park. At an altitude of 1200 metres. It is a fully operational establishment, perfect for mountaineers, walkers, cyclists, bikers and visitors in general. Ideal for nature lovers. 600 m2 of floor, 1500 m2 built and 1000m2 of garden and terraces.

- Lugo

    ID: 1362

    95.000 €

    House with outbuildings at Gondaisque

    Discover a typical house with history at Grupo Country Homes. Local slate roof and shared spaces with animals, reflecting the farming life of its owners. Unique windows and doors adorn the facade, while the interior houses bedrooms, dining rooms and bathrooms. The corrals and walled vegetable garden add to the rural charm of this property.

    Gondaisque - Lugo

    ID: 1392

    215.000 €

    Stone house in Santiago de Gayoso

    This marvelous property used to be the grand house of the area, where meals were served on holidays and local market days. It has a usable area of 360m2 and an attic of 180m2, which is currently not in use. The estate covers 7863m2 and is surrounded by a stone wall, adorned with numerous fruit trees.

    Gayoso - Lugo

      ID: 1396

      99.000 €

      House with porches in Láncara, Lugo

      Beautiful stone house furnished with a large estate in Láncara. It has a plot of 7,200m2 with numerous fruit trees. There is a row of native trees behind it that protect it from the northern wind. The house is in very good condition.

      Lancara - Lugo

      ID: 1402

      47.000 €

      House on the jacobean route with marvelous views

      This property is situated at the highest point between Palas de Rei and Melide, many pilgrims walk this route. Next to it is a boutique hotel which was sold years ago by Galician Country Homes which works very well.

      Casa Camino - Lugo

      ID: 1616

      825.000 €

      Impressive house in Foz with views of the Cantabrian Sea

      With the mountain at the back, to the southwest, which is the main entrance. When you open the two doors, facing each other, if you stay in the corridor, just let yourself feel, mountain and sea at the same time. Every corner is perfectly studied, every location, every detail has been strategically placed with a why and a what for. The main house has three floors, which in total make up 427 m2, of which 368 are usable. In the basement there is a garage, an office and a boiler room. Throughout the garage there is custom-made furniture, laundry and ironing area and the room for the 1000l diesel tank and a storeroom. On the first floor, you have two main doors, facing each other, magical when you open them because of the power described. On the first floor you enter a glass hall at the entrance (for the shelter of the inhabitants or their pets), once inside it is distributed in a kitchen with dining room, spacious, open plan. A courtesy toilet, a pantry, and a spacious living room with

      Foz - Lugo

      ID: 1372

      197.000 €

      Lovely single-story house with 5 hectares of land

      Beautiful single-story house with barns, warehouses, garages, and 5.3 hectares of meadow. It has a 2000m2 garden, and the surface area of the house is 174m2.

      Pastoriza - Lugo

        ID: 1375

        1.100.000 €

        13th-century Pazo with 22 hectares of estate featuring vineyards

        This Pazo, like all Galician pazos, bears the noble coat of arms of the family that managed it, and its entire history is documented in the archives of the city of Lugo. It is completely surrounded by a high stone wall that provides it with total privacy.

        Panton - Lugo

        ID: 1193

        100.000 €

        House in the centre of Mondoñedo

        Located 20 minutes from the coast, Mondoñedo is the most important town in the Mariña Lucense. Its relevance in the Northern Way of St. James has been crucial for centuries. Located a short distance from the cathedral, this house was built around 1900. The house is made of stone, brick and wood and is in perfect condition: very well cared for. As a detail, it has new wooden exterior carpentry with double glazing, as well as the slate roof which has been recently completely refurbished. It has four floors. A total of 228 m2 of useful surface. Of course, this house has all the services: electricity, water, telephone. This house in Mondoñedo is sold furnished.

        Mondoñedo - Lugo

        ID: 1397

        318.000 €

        Property in Sambreixo

        This property has a surface area of 1057m2 built on a plot of land of 3057m2. It also has 8 other plots of land, all adjoining each other, totalling 60.518m2. (8 Acres) These plots are all connected as you can see on the map attached with the photos.

        Sambriexo - Lugo

          ID: 1450

          320.000 €

          18th-century stone mansion near Lugo

          This beautiful property has been owned by the same family since its construction in the 18th century. It is located only 20 km from the city of Lugo and just 600 meters from the archaeological site of Viladonga (pre-Roman Celtic settlement).

          Viladonga - Lugo