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ID: 1641

395.000 €

Luxury villa in O Valadouro

Luxury villa only 3.5 km from Valadouro. This villa has everything one could ask for: swimming pool, barbecue, picnic area and a beautifully finished chestnut interior. It is only 9 km away from the beautiful beaches of Foz de Valadouro.

Valadouro - Lugo

ID: 1600

55.000 €

Partially restored house near Chantada

In San Fiz de Asma, 6 km from Chantada, is this large stone house to be restored. It is located in the heart of the Ribeira Sacra, declared a Biosphere Reserve. The Ribeira Sacra is one of the most unique places in Galicia.

Saa - Lugo

ID: 1609

100.000 €

Large house for renovation near Palas de Rei

A large old farmhouse This house is very old, we believe it was built before 1800 as it is blurred on the lintel of the entrance.

Villareda - Lugo

ID: 1626

59.000 €

Stone house in Ourol

Charming country house of 146m2, with windows, floors and roof in good condition. Although in need of a facelift, its proximity to the north coast beaches, its barn and being surrounded by wildlife, make this property a good investment.

Ourol - Lugo

ID: 1625

95.000 €

Restored stone house near to Palas de Rei

Restored stone house near Palas de Rei in very good condition. Stone house located in an ideal setting just 4km from Palas de Rei,

Villareda - Lugo

ID: 1622

270.000 €

Farm near Puentenuevo with 25 acres

Impressive farmhouse near A Pontenova. Wonderful house in a privileged environment as is the village of Vilaouruz, just 1.3 km from A Pontenova. The house is situated on the slope of a mountain bordering on the south side with a stream that gives its name to the village of Vilaouruz.

Pontenova - Lugo

ID: 1619

150.000 €

Semi restored house ruta Norte Barreiros

This large house has a base of 255m2. It has a new roof and the house has concrete slabs dividing the house into two levels. The situation is very good because when the pilgrims start to climb the last big slope it is in full view.

Barreiros - Lugo

ID: 1657

55.000 €

Two houses together near Monterroso

This property is located in San Miguel de Pensas; Monterroso is made up of two L-shaped houses, one of which is very old and in bad condition but the walls and all the stonework are in very good condition. The other is more modern and needs attention but is in much better condition. Both are within the same walled enclosure.

San Miguel de Penas - Lugo

ID: 1707

75.000 €

House to be restored with a good estate

House to restore close to the beaches with a good finca. Property located only 3 km from the town hall of "O Valadouro", in a unique environment and only 20 km from the coastal town of Foz. It is only 15 minutes from the beach, which makes it a unique opportunity for those who wish to enjoy nature and the sea in the same place.

Valadouro - Lugo

ID: 1655

498.000 €

Lovely chalet in Barbadelo Sarria

Luxury house in Sarria, close to the French Route. From an outdoor heated swimming pool to a luxury interior never seen before; a large gym, etc. It has to complete even an industrial warehouse with all kinds of services. The house is located in Sarria (Lugo) in Lugar de Melle with an area of 500 m2 on a plot of 9800m2. Plot of 9800m2.

Barbadelo - Lugo

ID: 1663

475.000 €

Marvellous Galician Pazo in Villalba

The Pazo is located in a fantastic setting, 15 minutes from Villalba and 5 minutes drive from the Magdalena River crossing. This pazo was started at the end of the 17th century and finished in the 18th century. The entrance is a magical path called 'Paseo del Conde' de Pallares, in honour of the former inhabitant of Pazo, guarded on both sides by chestnut trees that lead to the entrance to the chapel.

Vilalba - Lugo

ID: 1676

185.000 €

Fabulous house in Palas de Rei

This house was renovated over several years by its owners with incredible care. It has a surface area of 234m2 and was designed to let in as much natural light as possible from all sides.

Carballal - Lugo